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Friday, 2 April 2010

Inane Witterings of the Rich and Famous

Well, I have succumbed once more to the lure of the fad. To add to the myspace page I haven't been on since the night I set it up, the facebook page I've been on once since I set it up and this blog which I've posted on all of half a dozen times since I set it up, I now have Twitter.


Am actually using it though, at least so far. Fun to point and laugh at the inane witterings of the celebrities I'm following. Picked a few at random and my God do they lead dull lives. Almost as dull as mine. Either that or they're messing with us plebs for their own amusement and are 'tweeting' (can't believe I actually typed that word, ugh) about parking tickets and hair dressing appointments while they're actually wrapped around each other in wild drug fueled orgies.

Yeah, thats probably it.